PALLA DI PELO (world premiere)

Directed by Giovanni Roviaro
Production: Wrongchild, Dakota Film Lab
Duration: 17′

Vincenzo is a low life wannabe thief who wants to make big money. He has an idea: kidnapping rich people’s dogs. The first target is Palla di Pelo, a beautiful Welsh Corgi, owned by Paki Furlan, a haughty famous designer who treats the dog like his own son. Palla di Pelo is an influencer, with almost 8 million instagram followers. Vincenzo planned the whole kidnapping thing with a partner in crime: his son Alfredo, a stuttering dummy. Like in movies, they prepare the ransom letter, composed with newspapers clippings and no return address. As requested by the kidnappers, Paki Furlan shows at the appointment with 50 grand in cash. Happy ending? Hell no. At the end of the day, humans are the worst animal.