President of the Jury

Back this year as President of the Jury, a professional with whom we have taken the first steps. Launched as a director by the Rome Creative Contest during the first edition (2011), he won that year with the short film “Oggi gira così” the Audience Award, presented to him by Pupi Avati. He then returned as a juror in 2014 with Gabriele Mainetti, Alessio Lauria, Piero Messina, Enrico Maria Artale and Giuseppe Marco Albano for the European Awards.

In the meantime, he ventured into making feature films, directing a trilogy with great enthusiasm from the big screen audience: “Smetto quando voglio”. It is a pleasure to have the director and friend Sydney Sibilia with us.

SIBILIA - Roma Creative Contest 2018


Almost 30 years of television, theater and film career. She continues today to make us smile thanks to her roles and her famous imitations (Pippo Chennedy Show and L’ottavo Nano) and also give us food for thought through her political and social commitment (she successfully directed feature films with social value as “Viva Zapatero!”, “Draquila”, “La trattativa”).

In recent years she has also approached the world of web with the satirical webseries “TG Porco – information and revenge” produced over the years thanks to the funding of users and  to the website “productions from below”.

GUZZANTI - Giuria - Roma Creative Contest 2018


One of the most loved female faces of the new generation of Italian actors. Throughout her career, always with grace and elegance, she has given voice to the many facets and nuances of being a woman, interpreting strong characters even in their fragility.

Among her main interpretations for the small screen: “Elisa di Rivombrosa” by Cinzia Th Torrini, “L’Oriana” by Marco Turco, while on the big screen she has made a big hit on the public by playing different roles in: “Tutto l’amore che c’è” by Sergio Rubini, “Magnifica Presenza” by Ferzan Ozpetek, “Baciami ancora” by Gabriele Muccino, “Tutta colpa di Freud” and “The Place” by Paolo Genovese.

PUCCINI - Giuria - Roma Creative Contest 2018


Actor, author, director, writer and screenwriter. He directs for the theater works such as “I carabinieri” by Beniamino Joppolo, “Giulio Cesare” and “Antonio e Cleopatra” by William Shakespeare and interprets for cinema and tv unforgettable roles such as: “L’uomo in più” by Paolo Sorrentino, “Mio fratello è figlio unico” by Daniele Luchetti, “I cento passi” by Marco Tullio Giordana, “Paolo Borsellino” by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli and “Boris” (series and film).

Whether in the pages of a book, under the spotlight of a stage or behind the small and the big screen, he has given life to people capable of deeply observing reality, transforming it through interventions made of carefully chosen words that reveal the power of language in every form of it.

BRUSCHETTA - Giuria - Roma Creative Contest 2018


Composer, singer, musician and actor. His film career begins with “Romanzo Criminale” directed by Michele Placido, who fell in love with him at the theater. After this experience, he fell over the years into a colorful universe of unforgettable roles that immediately consecrated him as one of the most famous faces of Italian comedy, and not only, of our days.

Among the most important titles we remember: “Nessuno mi può giudicare” and “Gli ultimi saranno gli ultimi” by Massimiliano Bruno, “Smetto quando voglio” the trilogy directed by Sidney Sibilia, “Noi e la Giulia” by Edoardo Leo, “Nove lune e mezzo” by Michela Andreozzi and “Il Nome della Rosa” by Giacomo Battiato.

FRESI - Giuria - Roma creative Contest 2018