Presiden of the Jury

Dario Argento was born in Rome on 7 September 1940, his father a film producer and his mother a Brazilian fashion photographer of Italian origins. After two years, he left high school and moved to Paris for a short interlude, before returning to Italy and being hired by “Paese Sera”, a well-known Roman newspaper, as a film critic: his reviews see him clearly aligned in favor of Genre films. Between 1966 and 1969, he collaborated not only in the drafting of the scripts of various Genre films, but also of auteur films, including Once upon a time in the West (he wrote the subject together with Bernardo Bertolucci and Sergio Leone). In 1969 he founded together with his father S.E.D.A. Spectacles, a production company that housed his first film project as a director, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, one of the first gialli all’italiana that was met with great success. After the historical film The Five Days of Milan, Argento returned to the thriller genre and in 1975 he directed his most famous film in Italy: Deep red (Profondo Rosso). In 1977 Argento made his definitive debut in the horror genre with Suspiria. During his long career, he also performed as a voice actor and actor (for example in many of his movies), and even worked in the world of theater, signing in 2007 the artistic direction of the musical Deep Red and directing a few theatrical works. In 2009 he sold the rights to Suspiria to have a remake made in the United States. Suspiria was directed in 2018 by Luca Guadagnino, and features in the cast the names of Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton, as well as Jessica Harper, star of the original movie, that made a cameo in the 2018 version. In 2011 he completed the thriller Giallo with a stellar and international cast, in which stand out the names of Adrien Brody, Elsa Pataky, and Emmanuelle Seigner. In 2012 the Reykjavik International Film Festival awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award, while on March 27, 2019 he received the Special Lifetime Achievement Award at the David di Donatello Awards. He was also awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 74th Locarno Film Festival in 2021. On February 24, 2022, Black Glasses was released, a new film by Argento that marked the director’s return to cinemas after 10 years.



Emanuela Fanelli was born in Rome on 6 July 1986 and grew up in the Roman outskirts of Morena. The mother is a seamstress and the father is an accountant. From a very young age she was passionate about theater, which she studied during university and also began to collaborate with different companies. He also performs in the social centers of the capital, staging his original monologues. One of the most famous and appreciated plays written by the actress is “Le donne lo fanno”. In the world of cinema, the actress made her debut in 2015 in the film “Non essere cattivo” by Claudio Caligari. There followed roles in other feature films destined for the big screen that earned her the Special Mention as best actress and best monologue in the contest organized by the Rome Film Festival. In 2014, then, she won the “48h Film Project Best Actress” award for the short film “Un film d’amore”. In the following years he arrives in the world of TV series. He works in the fiction “Dov’è Mario?” alongside Corrado Guzzanti, and landed on the radio with Lillo & Greg in the show “610”. Increasingly stronger than her comic streak, the actress collaborates in the show “Una pezza di Lundini” on Rai2, conducted by Valerio Lundini. During the program, which is very successful and followed on social media, the actress acts inspired by the Greek theater and its female characters. Only two episodes from the end of the season, however, Emanuela Fanelli is “torpedoed”. “Una pezza di Lundini”, a program by Valerio Lundini and Emanuela Fanelli, is ready to return with a new season from Wednesday 30 March at 11.30 pm on Rai 2. The Vazzanikki band will also participate in the television format. In 2022 he is in Venice with the film “Siccità” by Paolo Virzì.



Frank Matano, originally Francesco Matano, was born on September 14, 1989 in Santa Maria Capua Verde, in the province of Caserta, from an Italian father and an American mother. He spent his youth in the US, where he studied languages, graduating from Cranston High School East in Rhode Island. Immediately after, at the age of 18, he returns to Italy, where he starts an intense youtuber activity, under the name of contorted lament, shooting videos in which he makes telephone jokes and social experiments always crossed by a goliardic streak. In a short time he established himself on the web and, after changing his nickname to Frank Matano, he became one of the best known youtubers in the nation. Thanks to his fame as a webstar he was contacted in 2009 to participate in the TV program Le Iene, eventually leading a show of his own on Sky UNO, called Sky Scherzando? (2010), where using his skills as an entertainer and comedian he puts on gags and jokes to mock others. From here on he will appear more and more often on TV with programs such as Ti lascio una canzone (2011) and collaborations with Jacopo Morini, not neglecting the web space, for which he collaborates with JackaL in the Lost in Google web series (2012). In 2013 he made his debut as an actor in the cinema with the comedy Fuga di Cervelli, directed by Paolo Ruffini, who also wanted him a lot in his second film Tutto bello (2014). He also tries his hand at animation, when in 2014 he joins the Italian voice actors of the television series South Park, in which he lends his voice to several characters. Back in the role of a hyena for Le Iene present: Scherzi a parte (2015), a show hosted by Paolo Bonolis that follows his predecessor from the 90s and brings Matano back to his youtuber roots through jokes. It is also 2015 when he takes part in Ma che bella Sorpresa, a film by Alessandro Genovesi with Claudio Bisio, and plays the role of judge in Italia’s Got Talent, concluding the year with the victory of an award as a revelation character of the year. Subsequently he returns to his television baptism with Le Iene, this time as a conductor, alongside Ilary Blasi and Giampaolo Morelli. In 2016 he returns to show off his voice in Zootropolis, dubbing the character of the thief Duke Donnolesi, and the following year he is in the cast of Sono Tornato (2018), a comedy about a possible return of Benito Mussolini, played by Massimo Popolizio.



Producer of national and international events, film reviews, exhibitions and publications to promote Italian film culture in the world. He has worked with important artists such as Michelangelo Antonioni, Bernardo Bertolucci, the Rossellini family, the Fellini family, the De Sica family, the Pasolini family and all the major contemporary directors and actors. With a special link with the United States, the link between Italy and American institutions such as The Academy of Motion Picture, Arts & Sciences, MoMA, the Lincoln Center Film Society, the National Gallery of Washington, the American Cinematheque and universities such as UCLA, USC, Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford. Co-founder of Cinema Italian Style in Los Angeles, the showcase of the best contemporary Italian cinema that every year kicks off the Oscar campaign for Italian official entry, and then in Seattle, Hong Kong and San Francisco. He has directly organized more than 150 international events, including the 1st Academy event in Italy, and has coordinated thousands of them in almost 90 countries.


RAI Cinema

Fulvio Firrito began his career at Rai in 2011. In his role, he is responsible for enhancing new projects and following ongoing projects. Prior to this role, he was a marketing and strategy consultant for a consulting firm in Milan. Prior to his experience as a consultant, he carried out two research projects concerning cinema and television and took part in a permanent film production laboratory (LA MUSA); at the same time he worked as a journalist, writing film reviews (SICILY). Fulvio Firrito studied business strategy at SDA Bocconi and before that he earned a master’s degree in communication.



RAI Documentaries

Born in Imola in 1968, he graduated in Economics and Commerce with a specialization in Audiovisual Production and a European Master in Audiovisual Management. Between 1995 and 1998 he matured various and important experiences in the audiovisual sector, collaborating with production and distribution companies such as St / Art Produzioni Cinematografiche, Academy Pictures and Fandango where, in particular, with a central role in the development of film projects and television, also contributes to the directorial debut of Gabriele Muccino and Luciano Ligabue. He began to collaborate with Rai in 1998, in the Cinemafiction structure. Hired in 2000, he was assigned to the Channel 1 and 2 TV Division with the task of operating in the Fiction Production Department. From 2016, within the same Direction, he became head of the organizational unit “Miniseries, Tv Movie of Current Affairs and Docufiction”. In 2021 he was appointed Deputy Director of Rai Fiction, maintaining the responsibility of the organizational unit “Miniseries, Tv Movie of Current Affairs and Docufiction” e. later, of the “Seriality 2, Tv Movie and Docufiction” structure. As a producer and editorial manager, he has followed and edited some of the most important Rai fiction genre productions awarded by audiences and critics, from “La Meglio Gioventù” to “Domenico Modugno”, up to the most recent “Makari” and ” Carosello Carosone “. He also started the development and supervised the production of docu-fictions and documentary series, including “Boez-andiamo via”, “Dottori in corsia” and the productions dedicated to Aldo Moro, Nilde Iotti and the Maxiprocesso of Palermo. Since 1997 he has been a lecturer at universities and specialization institutes in courses and masters dedicated to media and audiovisual production, including the Rossellini Institute, the University of Florence, La Sapienza of Rome, and the Catholic University of Milan. In December 2021 he was appointed Director of the Documentary Department.


President and Executive Producer GA&A Productions

Gioia Avvantaggiato is the President and Executive Producer of GA&A, a distributor and producer driven by a passion for her work, a vocal advocate of the industry in Italy, an active member of the international media community. She started in 1981 at RAI’s commercial arm where she headed international co-production and distribution. In 1990 Gioia decided to be her own boss and created GA&A. Since then she has turned the company into one of the leading independent production and distribution companies in Italy, with a catalogue that is constantly being refreshed.  Over the years she has collaborated with many international broadcasters including PBS, DISCOVERY, National Geographic, BBC, Channel 4, ZDF, ARTE, France 5.



Graduated in editing at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia and deepened her knowledge of the history of cinema thanks to her university studies at the La Sapienza University of Rome and the DAMS of Bologna, she exercises her activity as an editor in an eclectic and experimental way, continuing constant intensive research on the linguistic level. In this perspective, she meets many directors and producers who allow her to express herself in a personal and creative way. Below is a partial non-chronological list, from Alina Marazzi to Stefano Savona, from Gianfilippo Pedote with Mir Cinematografica to Indigofilm, from Costanza Quatriglio to Anna Negri, from Davide Ferrario to Marco Giusti, from Vivofilm to Ascanio Celestini, from Studio Azzurro to Home Movies and Kinè, from Pif to Wildside, from Francesca Comencini to Fandango, from Francesca Mazzoleni to Adele Tulli, from Ivan Cotroneo to Maura Del Pero, from Paola Randi to Indiana production, from Marco Bertozzi to Film affair. Some films, short films, web series, video clips, television programs and video installations related to this path: Un’ora sola ti vorrei; Palazzo delle Aquile; Vogliamo anche le rose; Tutto parla di te; Questa storia qua, la storia di Vasco Rossi; la serie completa Una mamma imperfetta; Nada, il mio cuore umano; Riprendimi; Pazienza; La rabbia e Comunisti; Stracult; E noi come stronzi rimanemmo a guardare; Radio clandestina; Megalopoli, official opening installation of the Architecture Biennale ed. 2000 Less Aesthetics More Ethics; Circle; Girl on the air; Bang bang baby, Frastuono; Mar Nero, Nadea e Sveta, La linea sottile, Amori che non sanno stare al mondo, Maternal, Cinemagrattacielo, Succede, il film, la serie completa La compagnia del Cigno, Luna nera, Normal.


Screenwriter, director e tv author

He attended the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia from 1982 to 1984. In 1986 he began to approach cinema making the series of experiences on the set as production manager, assistant director and screenwriter in 1992 with the film Torta di Mele. He attended the scriptwriting course held by Leo Benvenuti at the Anac. After having had work experiences around the world, he returned to Italy and began a long career as a producer, author and television director. He collaborated among others as an author and producer of several TV programs in the period 1997-2012. Over the years he has made some short films and documentaries that have met with some critical success and have received various awards. In 2011, after twenty years of TV, he decides to dedicate his first love to cinema, writing the subject and screenplay of the film LA MIA CLASSE, a film that is selected at the Venice Film Festival and starring Valerio Mastandrea. The film enjoyed good critical acclaim and was awarded in several European countries. Writer and Director of various films, series and Documentaries.