Directed by Greg Ferro
Country: USA
Duration: 5′

“The only rule we follow is: do not judge. Whoever you are, welcome to the Club.” A Club Called Rhonda is an exploration of the cultural phenomenon that hit LA in 2008 with the opening of the eponymous club. It’s an insight into the free and inclusive spirit of a unique environment, in which the social norms imposed on our daily lives no longer apply. The message behind the film is as inspirational as aspirational. Rhonda is a lifestyle open to anyone brave enough to be themselves, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. It’s an invitation to break away from the limits pre-established by society and to question how we look at family, roles and social structures. Ironic, playful and provocative, A Club Called Rhonda is a window onto a universe of uncontaminated self-expression where everyone is welcome.