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The Roma Creative Contest is the International Short Film Festival organized by the Cultural Association Images Hunters: born from the desire to create a space for promotion and comparison of the new independent film, the project has quickly turned into a point of reference for the productions and the"young" cinema.

In 2014, during the 5 days of the Festival, the Rome Creative Contest hosted about 5,000 spectators.

The core of the initiative lies in the attention devoted to the reality of the "short film": the last edition received more than 550 works and delivered over 30,000 euro on production bonuses prizes. The winners were selected by a prestigious jury, chaired by Oscar-winner Giuseppe Tornatore.

The significant innovation of the last year is certainly discernible in the involvement of a new prestigious location, the Factory Pelanda Testaccio alongside the usual venue of the Victoria Theatre. The museum multifunctional space added to the classic format of screenings a series of workshops, conferences and meetings devoted to the different stages of production and post production in digital cinema, without forgetting exhibitions and performances.

The complex of the Macro has been set up by hosting a movie theatre, a digital expo area, areas set up for training activities, exhibitions, art installations and a small film set for the exercises, as well as partners and refreshment areas.

On 19th and 20th September highly specialized workshops were held completely free: photography, production, film criticism, 3D animation, casting, sound for film with important members of the international film scene as Paolo Carnera, Paolo Del Brocco (Rai Cinema), Mario Sesti, Luca Della Grotta, Yozo Tokuda, the Gruppo Tematico per la Cinematografia Sonora. The Roma Creative Contest was joined to prestigious educational institutions such as the Quasar Design University and Shot Academy for the realization of seminars and meetings, also during this last edition was unveiled for the Canon EOS Cinema School, the first school by Canon Italy.

The two days at Pelanda ended with a free concert event which hosted more than 3,000 people.

The fourth edition of the festival has emphasized the international character, while the section of Animation (historically open to productions from all over the world) remained among the cornerstones of programming, the Festival has inaugurated a new competitive section devoted entirely to European short films. A look internationally recognizable even in the rich exhibition organized in collaboration with the Raindance Film Festival in London, one of the Festival's reality most significant on the international scene. In addition to the screenings in the competition in 2014, the program presented two short films out of competition, and the feature film documentary Side by Side produced by Keanu Reeves.