Fragrances in Motion 2017




2nd Edition


DEADLINE 15/10/2017



The French artistic perfume brand OLIBERE, in collaboration with the Mix Festival Milan, Roma Creative Contest, Filmmaker Festival Milan and, are launching the second edition of the international contest: Fragrances In Motion Awards.

The contest is opened to the general public, and will distinguish amateurs from professionals.

Participants have to register via the website, to receive a 5ml sample of the new fragrance OLIBERE.

The fragrance sample must inspire the directors, to create their own cinematographic interpratation.

The artistic movies should not exceed 2 minutes and half (not counting the beginning and end credits).

Movies have to be sent using wetransfer, at this address :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Format to be used: Mpeg 4 HD – 500 Mb max
Deadline: October 
15th 2017

More information is avaible through the website > FIMA > RULES

The jury, mainly professionals, from the cinema, fragrance, and artistic world, will have for mission to choose the selected and winning movies, in each categorie.

The directors whose movies are selected, will be invited to attend the awards ceremony, that will take place in December 2017, on the occasion of the Filmmaker festival in Milan.

The director of the movie awarded in the category Professional Grand Prix , will receive a cash prize of 1000 euros.

The director of the movie awarded in the category Amateur Grand Prix, will receive a cash prize of 500 euros.

Other prizes will be offered to the directors, awarded for the « Prix spécial du jury » in the Professional and Amateur categories.

Besides, the finalist movies will be screened through our the partner festivals (Filmmaker festival, Mix Milano festival and Roma Creative Contest), on the site of our media partner, and via different social networks.

Finally, the movie receiving the Professional Grand Prix of the jury will be linked to the new fragrance OLIBERE, as a QR code sticker will be placed on the packaging.

OLIBERE Fragrances in motion !

OLIBERE is a French artistic perfume brand, launched in 2015, by Marjorie Olibere.

OLIBERE explores for the first time the unique connection between the magic of cinema and the poetry of fragrance.

A collection of 7 unisex fragrances has been created with the help of renowned perfumers, Amélie Bourgeois, Bertrand Duchaufour and Luca Maffei.

Emotion-infused characters, magical places both nearby and distant, ordinary or remarkable situations...

Each fragrance is endowed with its own story, stage and olfactive personality.

OLIBERE perfumes take you on an olfactive trip, from Rome to Kuala-Lumpur, from Bali to Istanbul, or from space to Cape Town.


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